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AUTUMN GETAWAY by Jennifer Gracen

Book Review by Patricia D. Eddy

Autumn Getaway is a rather sweet story about a newly divorced woman, Lydia, and a man she meets at her friend’s wedding, Sam. Now, I’ll share a few things about the plot, but I don’t think it’s a big spoiler to say that there’s a romance that begins here. After all, it is in the genre of the book. Lydia signs her divorce papers and almost immediately has to go out of town for her college roommate’s wedding. It’s the first time she’s really let go or even relaxed since she initiated the divorce. Her ex-husband wasn’t abusive, but he didn’t fight for her. This is an important point in the book, so pay attention.

Autumn Getaway

Lydia also has a son with a severe speech delay. She’s not looking for anything other than some relaxation and time with her friends. Sam is a friend of the groom. He lost his wife to cancer many years ago and hasn’t had a serious relationship since. He’s dated, but nothing that he would consider relationship material. Sam and Lydia meet out in the garden of the hotel where they are both reading. Well, okay. They meet earlier, but this is their first real conversation. There’s a spark there, and they both want to know more about each other. The book follows them both throughout the three days of the weekend wedding.

Overall, this is a sweet book. I had some frustrations with Lydia’s personality at times, but I file that under a personal preference thing. Not every character works for every reader. That said, the story is well crafted and while the heat level in this book is pretty low (lower than most romance books), that doesn’t mean it’s not stimulating. This is a solidly written and executed book with interesting and faceted characters and a satisfying ending.

Patricia D. Eddy gives AUTUMN GETAWAY by Jennifer Gracen 4 Stars

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Book Review by Marlena Hand

This book opens with Paul Hunter and his family living in their new home. Strange events happen, making Paul believe that there is a horrible history to the house. Things become so frightful that he is left with no other choice than to investigate. But the investigation leads to more terror than he could have ever expected. Not just for him, but for his entire family.

This book is gripping from the first page. It’s a pleasant combination of paranormal, horror and thriller. It keeps you guessing on what will happen next. The suspense is almost unbearable.

The characters are complicated, yet realistic. The descriptions are vivid, creating a world before your eyes, and the writing is practically error-free. The story is captivating and flows nicely. Overall, I give THE SOUL SCREAMS MURDER 5 stars.

Author Alliance reviews Geoffrey Sleight's THE SOUL SCREAMS MURDER

Geoffrey Sleight – author


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Marlena Hand gives The Soul Screams Murder by  Geoffrey Sleight 5 Stars


In Love With a Haunted House

In Love With a Haunted House – Kate Goldman

Book Review by Patricia D. Eddy

In Love With a Haunted House is a cute little love story that features a very haunted house. Gray Oaks Manor has just gone on the market. Mallory has just moved home after a bad breakup and losing her job. Blake has just moved to town to try to buy the house that his grandmother lived in so that he can somehow get to know the woman his family kept him from for his entire life.

Author Alliance reviews In Love with a Haunted House by Kate Goldman.

Kate Goldman – author

The love story between Mallory and Blake is sweet, if a little bit predictable. In fact, that’s how I’d describe the whole book. At 85 pages, there isn’t a ton of time to delve deeply into the characters, and as a love story the ending is more or less a foregone conclusion.

So why did I rate this book four stars? Because despite this, it made me smile. A lot. Decently written and edited, it had all of the requisite features of a satisfying story. Smart heroine. Strong and smart hero who doesn’t try to take over everything because he respects the heroine. A suitably evil foil character. And then there’s the house. The house is haunted (of course), but the ghost who lives there is a sassy old bitty that you will fall in love with. She was my favorite character of the entire book.

Sure, twists and surprises are nice, but sometimes you want–no, you need–to read something that will make you smile. This short story will do that. Enjoyable from start to finish.

In love with a Haunted House

Patricia D. Eddy Book Review

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Patricia D. Eddy gives In Love with a Haunted House 4 Stars


Book Reviews: Sketch of a Murder


Author Alliance’s Patricia D. Eddy reviews Night of the Fae  by Aya Walksfar

Sketch of a Murder is a mystery/thriller with sexual themes. It follows the Special Crimes team, a group of misfits from law enforcement. Each of the team members has something in their past that got them assigned to the team (and something not exactly good…like punching a reporter).

In the first few pages, we’re introduced to The Avenger. This perpetrator is attacking men who have been accused of sexual crimes but have largely gotten away with them. Perhaps they haven’t been arrested yet, perhaps they’ve been tried and released due to lack of evidence, or perhaps they got out of jail with only a light sentence for a serious crime. Regardless, the Avenger is ruthless. The men are found mutilated and the author recounts some of their injuries and their murders in real time. So if gory details bother you, be warned.

This was a decent book. I had a few issues with it, which is why I rated it 3.5 stars. The book switches back and forth between multiple points of view and some the transitions weren’t handled smoothly so I ended up wondering whose head we were in. Then there are the Avenger point of view chapters that go from third person to first person.

There are also a lot of detailed inner thoughts by the characters in this book. More than the reader probably needs. That said, they do give insight to the characters. However, they are also often repeated in the prose.

A solid edit would take this book from enjoyable to can’t-put-down.

Overall, a good storyline with a few hiccups along the way.

Book Reviews: Patricia D. Eddy gives Sketch of a Murder 3.5 Stars

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Author Alliance’s Patricia D. Eddy reviews Night of the Fae  by Lyneal Jenkins

Night of the Fae is a supernatural action novel with some paranormal romance elements to it. It starts with Ana, a young woman, who is attacked by a drug addict looking for money for his next fix. She’s saved and healed mysteriously and her memory altered, but she’s strong enough that she manages to resist whatever spell has been woven over her.

Not long after, we meet her boyfriend, Gabriel. Ana decides to make a sex tape as a surprise for him, and discovers that the weird dream she has every time they have sex isn’t a dream. Gabriel actually does turn into this being of light energy after their coupling before reverting to his human form. She confronts him about it and he comes clean. He’s a siis, one of a race of empathetic beings. And he’s hopelessly in love with Ana.

The Fae are former children who were turned into supernatural beings. They’ve evolved into terrible, horrible creatures who feed on negative emotions. They smell the siis energy on Ana (that’s rubbed off from Gabriel) and they decide to target her to get to Gabriel.

I won’t give away any more of the plot, as this isn’t a summary, it’s a review.

I struggled with this book. Ultimately I gave it three stars because it kept me reading, even though there were issues. The action is well written and satisfying. There’s mystery woven into every character. That said, there were large gaps in the book. Bits and pieces that were left out to move the story along. This is a series, so there is every possibility that some of these items will come into play later, but there were too many of these gaps and unanswered questions. The story jumped with little explanation and there were character reactions that appeared to be more plot related than character related. In other words, a character would do something not because it was in the character’s nature, but because it needed to be done to move the story along.

All in all, this is a decent book, but it would benefit from an edit to fill in the gaps, smooth over the jumps, and add some consistency to the characters.

Book Reviews: Patricia D. Eddy gives Night of the Fae 3 Stars

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