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We offer a variety of author promotion services. We have a large following on our website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. While we do not offer miracles, our services are an important part of every serious author’s overall promotional efforts.     

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We who founded the Author Alliance share a love for good books. We love discovering new books and authors. We unite readers with great books, and provide  wide variety of promotion and services to authors and publishers. The Author Alliance was formed by authors to help authors achieve greater success. While our focus is on Indie Authors and publishers, we also work with traditional publishers and authors.


We take pride at the Author Alliance in our ability to recognize and promote quality books. You can find more great books in the Author Alliance Bookstore. Our goal is connect avid readers with great books. The books on this page are just a small sample of the great books we’ve discovered.

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All authors want to become a bestseller, but very few give their books much chance of success. If you shortcut any of the steps listed below, you need to reevaluate your strategy. How many books with great story premises are destroyed by lazy writing and poor editing? How many good books have you stumbled across that show little or no sales? The Author Alliance is dedicated to providing authors affordable promotion, and at the same time point readers towards good books. We constantly read and review books and software on writing. Our experts continuously update our website with quality author content.

  1. Write a book worth reading.
  2. Get objective feedback.
  3. Rewrite.
  4. Send it to a professional editor. 
  5. Format it correctly.
  6. Setup the correct keywords, free day promotions, and build a full promotional plan.
  7. While we don’t promise to be the end-all in your promotional plan, we do promise to be an important part of your overall effort.

The above list is the minimum you must do to give yourself and your book a chance to become a bestseller. Don’t cheat yourself!

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The Author Alliance offers three levels of Subscription Membership for Authors and publishers. These are great deals that include listing books in our featured section, daily tweets, Facebook posts, Free Day Promotions, Reduced Price Promotions, etc. We are proud of the relationship that we’ve built with a wide range of authors from various genres. We consider our subscription services perhaps the best promotional options that we offer.

The Author Alliance offers a home away from home to authors and readers. We enjoy helping authors achieve their own success. We love hearing from readers who are thrilled with our recommendations.

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